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John Barr of Port Glasgow is recorded in Whytes' 'Scottish Clockmakers' book as working in 1783.Click here for details of: Home page Finding out about yourantique clock: identification / valuation / appraisal CLOCKS FOR SALE Lantern clocks bought Arranging a visit Books for sale by Brian Loomes Contact Clock how-tos Articles on clock collecting Finding a clock by a particular maker Archive (sold clocks) Oak was used in longcase clock making from the earliest times (c.1660) until the end of longcase clock making (c.1870), though in terms of brass dial clocks the end was about 1800.

But it was not used in the same manner throughout that period of over two centuries.

The earliest clocks were costly items, made for wealthy clients, principally served by London clockmakers, and rich timbers were used such as walnut and olive-wood.

and find a clock where the proportions will suit best. PLEASE PHONE A fine quality Cheshire moon phase longcase clock.

Always leave at least a 3 inch gap if you have low ceilings, small 'Cottage' clocks normally in stock. An impressive case with choice mahogany case veneers with marquetry inlays.

These very factors have meant that this type of oak clock is ideally suited to many of today's customers, who seek simplicity and small stature to fit well within a limited modern ceiling height.

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