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In several court cases, judges have pointed to the irreversible nature of the act, There are ancient religious requirements for circumcision.

The Hebrew Bible commands Jews to circumcise their male children on the eighth day of life, and to circumcise their male slaves (Genesis –12). The ancient Greeks prized the foreskin and disapproved of the Jewish custom of circumcision.

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However, he forbade the circumcision of non-Jews that were either foreign-slaves or non-Jewish members of the household, contrary to Genesis He also made it illegal for a man to convert to Judaism.

Antoninus Pius exempted the Egyptian priesthood from the otherwise universal ban on circumcision.

It pointed out in its ruling that the circumcision of Muslim boys is an established tradition and an integral part of the identity of Muslim men".

In February 2010, a Jewish couple were fined for causing bodily harm to their then infant son who was circumcised in 2008 by a mohel brought in from the UK.

In such a case, a decision in favor of circumcision was said to be likely.

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