old school dating for women - Dating coach certification

) and I was the only certified professional coach in the bunch.The other people just put their shingle out with little or no training. In addition, for many being a dating coach was a part time job.

I felt it was important to obtain the best tools and skills possible.

Truly I did not want to “mess” with people’s lives.

And once a client is in a relationship, I can assist them as they progress to the next level of commitment. Yes, there are many attractive, bright, savvy people who are calling themselves a dating coach these days.

If you want to find a dating professional to help you focus on your goal to meet that someone special, I recommend you do your homework and find out about their training and experience, as well as their track record. As in hiring any professional, you need to do your homework!

Most participants choose to start their coach training with the Core Essentials or Core Essentials Fast Track programs, while others who are already ICF certified step directly into Coach Us Advanced Coaching Program or Corporate Coach Us Advanced Corporate Coaching Program.

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