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AD LEGEM IMPERII (probably the abbreviation A L IMP) — according to imperial law. AGNVS DEI QVI TOLLIS PECCATA MVNDI MISERE NOBIS — Holy Lamb, who took the sins of the world, take a pity on us. Brandenburg, Italy, Oldenburg, Pomerania, Prussia, Spain. CONFIDENS DNO (DOMINO) NON MOVETVR — Who confides on God, stays firm. Coins of the Livonian Order, Hamburg, of Boguslav X (1474—1523), Pomerania. Coins of Pfaltz during Johan Kazimir’s reign (1576—1592), and also the bishops of Tryr. DA MIHI (or MICHI) VIRTVTEM CONTRA HOSTES TVOS — Give me courage against your enemies. See the picture to Argentoratum, part 2 of this article. PAX QVAERITVR BELLO — The peace is achieved through the war. PER ASPERA AD ASTRA — Through the thorns to the stars.

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Urban issues of Dortmund and Regensburg, at the coins of Scotland of the 16-17 centuries and some others.

Earls Ettingen, East Friesland, dukedom Lorraine, Dutch provinces, cities of Dortmund, Freiburg at Bersgau, Hamburg, Hildesheim, Luneburg, Nurnberg and Zwolle, the Popes. Braunschweig-Wolfenbuttel, Fredrik Ulrich (1613-1634).

This work is an attempt to cooperate all the available information on the legends of European coins of the 14-19 centuries. HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE — Let those be ashamed who thinks poor about it.

It goes without saying, that the following list is universal. At English coins and coins of some other governors. IHESUS (usually IHC or IHS) AVTEM TRANSIENS PER MEDIVM ILLORVM IBAT — But Jesus passed among them and through them.

In different cases at the end of the 15 DATE CAESARIS CAESARI ET QVAE DEI DEO — Caesarian to Caesar, holy to God.

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