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learn from their mistakes and finally take that left turn at Albuquerque.To children and life-long fans everywhere, the Looney Tunes are real. studios, as established in 1940’s “You Ought To Be In Pictures,” an early, successful attempt to juxtapose the Looney Tunes with real life figures, like animation producer Leon Schlesinger.It’s that time of year again, time for me to give you a glimpse of the restoration job in the latest Looney Tunes Golden Collection.

This is one of the elements of the characters that .

A little too insider for casual audiences, but the tone was struck. The Looney Tunes aren’t just defined by their character models, they’re defined by their carefully crafted comedic personas. The plot kicked off when Daffy Duck was fired by a producer who didn’t understand that Bugs Bunny isn’t as funny without him.

The characterizations need to remain consistent, regardless of the events the new movie places them in, otherwise they’re just not the Looney Tunes. studios would have been fine if hadn’t done it first.

The Looney Tunes don’t need a big conspiracy to unravel, or a retcon that calls into question the very nature of their existence. Put them in a position to compete with each other, and solve the same problem in their own distinctive ways, and then sit back and enjoy the ride because the Looney Tunes are so well defined from a comedic perspective that they basically write their own material. Just keep it simple, and don’t shoehorn the Looney Tunes into a situation where they don’t belong like, say, an arbitrary basketball game.

There’s an entire generation of Looney Tunes fans who didn’t just grow up with Bugs and Daffy, but who also grew up with their extended cartoon family.

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