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He got that that was my way of asking if he loved me. He pretty much said that I love you for him means forever; that were still getting to know each other, and he doesnt know if hes ready to take that leap yet.

He said he cared for me deeply, is the happiest he has been in a long time, that Im the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up in the morning, and that he hasnt been this excited about seeing somebody in a long time, but that he still doesnt know if this is the right time to say I love you. In his exact words, Once you say those words, you can never take it back.

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Hes still as wonderful as ever, or even more so, has become even sweeter and more affectionate, and we have made plans this year for at least 2 out-of-town trips, the first one of which is coming up in March.

At the time of my original post, I had only met his parents and some of his cousins.

That said, I still want him to take that leap from Im scared to say I love you to I love you. He has asked me to be patient with him and to work with him because he wants to work on his issues so he can be the person I deserve.

Both of you are scared to say it, so this isn't all about him. You cannot make this happen, so you have to decide whether feeling happy and loved is enough for you for now.

After all, the relationship is going very well and is still quite young.

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