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Joy Browne: I know at least a dozen couples who met and married through the personals.

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Joy Browne: I hate to plug DATING FOR DUMMIES so blatantly, but it's about dating your spouse as well. Roosvlt BN: Is it proper protocol for a woman to turn down the first invitation for a date? When in doubt, give somebody the benefit of that doubt, but if you're playing games, playing hard to get, I think it's a really lousy idea to start off on a dishonest foot. Question: I don't want to waste time with someone if I think it's not going to work out.

How can I judge, on a first date, whether to open the door for her or not? Good manners are always in fashion, and if she can't be polite enough to accept your good manners, then maybe she needs a bit of finishing school. It's fun when both of you are trying to be really polite to one another. How do I get a little romance back in the relationship?

Either way, I think this guy is saying sayonara for now.

You can't love someone you can't trust, and you don't know someone until you've had enough time to learn to trust them. It takes at least a couple of months to really know someone enough to know it's love, but enjoy the chemistry, just don't bank on it. Question: My boyfriend broke up with me four months ago, and he is living with another girl now. Question: Are men who say they are afraid and unsure of what they want telling the truth, or just not wanting to admit that they don't care for you enough? Unfortunately, both men and women tend to focus more on attracting someone than figuring out who they are and what they really want.

Far be it from me to bad-mouth either, but it's not love. We never had closure, and I need one more time to talk to him, but he won't talk to me. It sounds like you'd really like him back and figure if he'll just tell you why or you see him, he'll realize that he really does love you. I know it feels really icky right now, but let yourself begin to heal. It really is time well spent even though it's really, really hard.

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