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I’ve received plenty of lectures armed with cherry-picked verses.

A Christian’s body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians ).

This problem only seems to be magnified by another byproduct of conservative Christian culture: the pressure to be married.

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It feels like things should be different in the church.

Markers of spiritual maturity, like depth of character or willingness to serve, should trump my above-average BMI, but rarely is that the case.

But what’s particular to more traditional believers is the conviction that my weight reveals some evidence of spiritual trouble. Therefore, to be fat is a sin because many believe to be fat is to be a living, breathing testament to overindulgence or lack of self-restraint.

To be fat is to be a bad witness for Christ — or so I’ve heard some pastors preach.

I see it in the faces of guys I’m meeting for the first time after being matched on e Harmony, even though we’ve exchanged weeks of witty banter and embarrassing confessions.

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