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The perceived triumph of Enki, known as Kronos to the Greeks, and the disappearance of YHWH/Enlil from the Pagan world, is explained by the spiritual change that took place within the divine-human relationship at the Tower of Babel event.

The Old Testament and extra-Biblical Hebrew texts explain that the division of the nations occurred at this time and, alongside the linguistic division, there was also a spiritual division in which God gave the nations of the world over to the authority of the seventy top-ranking fallen angels.

Before we continue with the analysis of what exactly the discovery of this ancient corpse will mean for the world spiritually, which is of primary importance to each and every individual on the planet, we must first summarize our series and explain the step-by-step process that has brought us to this point.

The Giza Necropolis was designed and built as a great memorial dedicated to the god Osiris, the legendary king of Egypt, who brought religion, writing, a system of laws, and other innovations necessary for civilization to .

For instance, the Sumerians have memories of a "Cain and Abel" type of struggle, but they place the "Cain" figure in the positive role.

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