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Three really excellent, ethical resources I've found for these areas are the The Art of Charm Podcast and ; doing well in school, finding a good job, applying abstract ideas, using technology, etc.

These are activities completely alien to our evolutionary ancestors.

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In a recent The Economist article, Satoshi Kanazawa, author of 3 books and 80 articles on psychology, explained that what smart people generally suck at is things that are Evolutionarily Familiar: finding someone to mate with, making friends, parenting, preparing food, etc.

The ego problem with this is that most smart people assume that they should be able to do these things on auto pilot, since they are so competent doing activities which are perceived as more complex and challenging.

Also consider supplementing the Piracetam, the smart drug that beats addiction.

This smart drug has been shown to help those suffering from alcohol and methamphetamine addiction.

She was a good friend., especially in younger people as documented in a Journal of Adolescent Health paper.

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