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(Though they certainly aren't against it.) In fact, religion viewed as a priority in the way in which one chooses a husband was far from my understanding. But what if in my case, love didn't fade and was instead the force behind a wonderful home?

The way I saw it, love, kindness, patience and, of course, a sense of humor all came before , as my grandparents would have said. What if raising kids without a structured religion allowed them to grow up in a world where the guilt from their family (or the culture they were raised in) never burdened them from being with the one they loved?

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And with an increasing number of millennials considering themselves atheists, it’s not surprising to find that a strong commitment to faith is now a rarity.

At my liberal-arts school in Southern California (formerly affiliated with a church), there’s a wide mix of what faith means, ranging from people who feel music is the closest thing to God and people who can’t go a day without thanking their deity on social media, all valid in their own definitions.

What I love most is his willingness to learn more, how he listens intently and shows genuine interest when I talk about what I’ve learned that day in my History of Judaism lecture.

His dedication to expanding his perspective is exactly what makes me want to do the same.

He’s openly admitted, with a sense of concern, that my confident rejection of certain ideas has caused him to question his own.

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