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It's a baaaaaaaaaaaad combination that probably almost always ends in disaster.

Hell, my best friend married his e Harmony match and they only lasted a year and a half.

Certainly not a concept conducive to improving your results, whether it be true or not. From everything I have seen including my own direct experience, online simply does not work at all for socially-challenged men, except with colossal and extreme effort to maybe get ONE actual date in person after thousands of attempts.

Besides that, it would be interesting to find someone to talk with - someone with the same interests. Rarely does a girl like stay in the conversation and show interest in me. It really may be 7:1 "The ratio of men to women is about 7:1 and the end result is swarms of men fighting for the attention of one woman, not different from the barbarian days of the cavemen when they would clobber one another over the head in order to win the partner of their dreams." I think he is close to the truth there.

But using dating websites for that, could be cumbersome - I can't tell, as I can't say I've had any experience. I'm starting to think that it's seriously worse than a 4:1 ratio of men to women.

) so messages purely for sexual purposes are ignored or thrown away I'm willing to bet.

I don't claim to know any of that without a shadow of a doubt, I only know what I've heard in online dating site reviews and some direct conversations online with other women.

I never communicated with anyone as I didn't trust it.

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