Dating ritual of the alligator

Snapping turtles are regularly spotted in sewage treatment systems but, for Miscione, they simply don’t have the same appeal.

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When it is time to eat, alligators are neither hunters nor gatherers. They wait for something edible to swim or walk nearby and they lunge at it with incredible speed.

Using their tails, alligators can push themselves up to 5 feet out of the water to snag small animals in low-hanging tree branches.

Both tell of dark and mysterious forces, always inexplicable, always lurking just out of sight. Once they tired of their new pets – or at least, realised quite how big and hungry they were going to get – the owners would flush them down the toilet.

This, at least, is the main explanation given for how so many people claim to have spotted the beasts in New York, a city whose climate is far, far too cold for them.

The earliest alligator drums, comprising a wooden frame covered with alligator skin, are found in the archaeological sites at Dawenkou (4100–2600 BC), as well as several sites of Longshan (3000–2000 BC) in Shandong and Taosi (2300– 1900 BC) in southern Shanxi.

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