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Putin and Medvedev are anti-whites in their own words and this anti-white government will destroy the Russian branch of the white race by replacing the white Russians with non-white immigrants to "fix" the demographic problem.

If both sides are evil and you want to ally with one, its unlikely you will win since it could fail to achieve your expectations and the "ally" could turn against you at any moment.

While you can sometimes play one enemy against another, it's a sophisticated game that requires top notch acumen and clear mind.

This thread will be backed by proofs and facts, without conspiracy theories and should refute all arguments and myths of Putinists.

Putin and the whole "Russian government" is a hostile force and no better than the governments of the Western world and this thread should prove this fact.

Putinists have arguments and certain beliefs to justify the support to Putin, yet these arguments and beliefs are all myths, delusions, half-truths and exaggerations mixed with some truthful elements.

Last modified 13-Sep-2016 10:30