Dating s barb wire

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The first practical "barbed wire" invention came from Michael Kelly of New York in 1868. Barbed wire as we know it today, came from the mind of Joseph F. He improvised with various modifications until he came up with a design that would withstand years of court litigation earning him the title of "The Father of Barbed Wire.

The Glidden wire was unique, consisting of one wire holding evenly-spaced barbs along its length.

At the county fair in De Kalb, Illinois in 1873, Henry M. It was a wooden rail with a series of sharp spikes protruding from the sides of the rail.

The fence rail, patented earlier that year on May 13, was designed to be attached to an existing fence to "prick" an animal when it came into contact with the rail and keep livestock from breaking through.

Each went their separate ways to work on an invention that would soon bring them together.

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