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Calvin: nigeria Evan: i have bad news for you many americans know about nigerians sending emails to this country to try to get money Calvin: yes Evan: it is a trick that we know about so we are very careful Calvin: eeeeeeeeeeeeh Evan: you will not find a stupid person to send you money Calvin: i have got some Evan: well good job Evan: do you live in lagos or in another city?

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Calvin: i know there many nigerian that is in america i want to come to america to complte my education Evan: maybe i will visit someday i hope you don't steal any more money good luck finding a job Calvin: sure.... Calvin: tunde Evan: i must go tunde be well my friend Calvin: cant we be friend can you add me on your facebook friends Evan: i am sorry, but due to the odd circumstances of our initial greeting, i must terminate this relationship. Calvin: am sorry for that evan Evan: as am i, tunde as am i Update: Facebook responds. This is a very low volume attack, affecting only a small number of users, but the potential impact to an individual user is high so we're taking it very seriously.

Our team has already detected various trends in the accounts of users who have been compromised.

Facebook is arguably one of the safer corners of the Internet, with fairly complex security and privacy controls.

But when passwords get busted, even on Facebook, not everyone is whom they're pretending to be.

We're using this data to quickly surface compromised accounts, ideally before the spammers have gotten very far.

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