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In the early 1960s it was still just possible to spot an occasional pre-war bus still working for a living.

Portsmouth seemingly always looked after its fleet and consequently it lasted well ( I remember, on a school visit to HMS Victory, seeing that they still had TD2's or TD3's's only five or six years before this shot).

A batch of these all-Crossley double deckers was acquired in the early post-war period and a number remained in service until the early/mid 1960s. Many operators removed these in the later years of these bodies service lives as they were labour intensive and expensive to repair when damaged.

There were however significant problems encountered with the originally Crossley turbomotor engines and in Portsmouth's case they were replaced by older Leyland units. Brighton was a place I visited on numerous occasions.

A few of this batch of Leyland TD4s in fact lasted much longer as open-toppers but I was surprised and delighted to snap and later ride on this one in November 1962.

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