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And now, at long last, it’s time for the Rose Ceremony, and for Thumb to gin up some tears as he says goodbye to Bachelorachel and their explosive chemistry*. He calls Raven first, which I take as a surefire sign that The Clue is the odds-on favorite, followed by The Clue herself.

That leaves Bachelorachel out in the cold, of course, and Thumb dutifully sits down to with her to improve both of their edits.

Her responses are all, “I tried to put myself out there,” and “this is really hard for me,” and his are all, “you are such a wonderful girl,” and “thirty someones, I mean someone is going to be so lucky to meet you.” Every minute of this woman’s screentime has been a edit, and I’m starting to get pretty annoyed by it, because it meant we never really got to meet the real Rachel.

We met Bachelorachel, who was trying all season to make America fall in love with her, and now that we have, I hope they give the poor girl a break for a second. That concludes my surveillance on Thumb and his Sex Rooms, but I do also have some footage of individual interviews on a separate tape, that we might as well go through right now.

When I tell you to watch what a suspect does in an interview instead of listening to what they say, this is the kind of thing I’m talking about.

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