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Women are mostly attracted to a guy’s confidence more than anything else.

If you are a shy guy, some women will accept you, but they won’t ever fully respect you or feel as much attraction for you as they would for a confident guy.

Approaching a woman in a relaxed, confident manner automatically makes her feel some level of attraction for you.

Yet, I eventually worked out the secrets to overcoming shyness and being a truly confident guy.

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Think your natural-born bashful tendencies are keeping you single? While you may sometimes feel anxious, uncertain, and/or insecure when it comes to dating, the truth is that the right kind of woman will appreciate your unassuming ways. If you’re a shy guy, you’ll need to start projecting self-confidence when dealing with women, even if you don’t fully feel it yet.

When in doubt, the following five tips should help ease your dating anxiety and help you ultimately woo the woman of your dreams. Keep in mind, confidence is different than bragging and boasting.

Women are attracted to the strength in men and turned off by the weakness.

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