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This sign hangs halfway between the Stuart Highway and Cape Crawford's Heartbreak Hotel on the southern side of the road but its exact location has been lost, if you find it please let us know!

This photo was taken in the Atherton Tablelands west of Cairns which is one of the few places where this rather shy creature is found.

You wouldn't believe it but in this part of Australia there is water on the road while it rains!!!

Australia has a lot of coast line, and from time to time tsunami alerts are issued and then it is important that everybody knows what to do.

Garage sales are a popular way to get rid of all sorts of shit in Australia There's heaps of signs warning you of kangaroos in Australia, but this one is a little different....

In northern Australia it is not a good idea to clean your freshly caught fish right at the boatramp as the leftovers will attract crocodiles.

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