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Vertebrate Paleoecology from Microfossil Bonebeds Vertebrate microfossil bonebeds (VMBs) represent an important but potentially underappreciated mode of fossil preservation.

These concentrated deposits of primarily small vertebrate fossils are most often exploited for the remains of Mesozoic mammals and other difficult-to-find taxa.

My work focuses on using dinosaur phylogeny to track these evolutionary changes, both throughout the group and within specific clades (e.g., sauropods). New Information on the Forearm and Manus of Ceratosaurus Nasicornis Marsh, 1884 (Dinosauria, Theropoda), with Implications for Theropod Forelimb Evolution, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 36(2) Carrano, Matthew T., Oreska, Matthew P.

Numerous similarities between mammalian and dinosaurian patterns are evident, particularly with regard to size and locomotion, but exceptions highlight potentially important biological differences between these two major clades. The theropod dinosaur Elaphrosaurus bambergi Janensch, 1920, from the Late Jurassic of Tendaguru, Tanzania, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 178(3):546-610 Carrano, Matthew T.

Dinosaur Evolution and the Fossil Record Since 2000, I have been helping to assemble the fossil vertebrate component of the Paleobiology Database (PBDB). Vertebrate Paleontology of the Cloverly Formation (Lower Cretaceous), I: Faunal Composition, Biogeographic Relationships, and Sampling, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 33(2):264-292 Thomas, Daniel B., James, Helen F., Carrano, Matthew T.

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