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I had no idea what was going on, but my brothers and I just watched as our big white house, formerly filled with our cozy furnishings, warmth and family memories rapidly grew more and more vacant and filled with cold air…Within a few hours, our entire home was cleared out.

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As far as I know, I don’t see anything wrong with my life or family, aside from some occasional fighting between my mom and dad and the bickering and wrestling matches with my brothers and I (they did a great job of toughening me up! And then one day in the Summer, my dad takes a little trip for himself to Miami Florida, which is where he attended college and visits old friends there occasionally.

For some reason he decided to take this trip by himself, but us kids didn’t think much of it at the time.

And even at a very young age I always had a strong sense of personal power and a gift for communicating and mediating.

So as a little girl I was haunted a lot by regret, thinking that if I was just more aware of the problems that were going on between my parents at the time, if I maybe stepped in more and had better tools and knowledge of relationships at that time, I could have somehow ‘saved’ them and kept them together, happily married and continued our lives as a whole and complete family.

I wasn’t able to save my own parents’ relationship, so I was going to learn how to save everyone else’s instead!

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