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When dance and I rekindled our relationship it took on a new form, beginning a new chapter of us, teaching and choreographing.Although my self practice was not our relationship’s main focus any longer, I found tremendous fulfillment sharing my love of dance with others and the knowledge my generous teachers had bestowed upon me.

Being so long ago, I am not exactly sure of the exact moment when my universe shifted to revolve around Dance, but when faced with injuries, my devotion for it grew.

I was told by the professionals (therapists, doctors, surgeons) that I needed a break, and in some cases, my career was over.

Among the numerous activities at the event were ones that featured English as their main form of communication.

Thanks to this, international students, foreign instructors, and all guests of the celebration who wanted to speak English were able to feel they could take full participation in the events.

Dating Dance by Sarah Dolan Twenty two years into my committed relationship with Dance, I have realized, like many dancers do, that Dance and I have endured some interesting experiences, met some incredible individuals and continued to evolve.

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