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Having said all that, why is it that Indian Hong Konger men aren’t asking Editor-in-chief Renee for a date?I suppose the first thing would be for Renee to think about what she wants in a man. Some place beauty over brains, others place family over fun while others might have wacky over well-being.Even if they did, chances are their super power would either be a combination of constant wobbling and dance moves or radioactive body hair that can hypnotize even the strongest of minds…A generation ago, dating would often be limited to your own circle or what is available in your neighborhood or network.

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If not, at least you can enjoy the fun of dancing around at least 3 idiots at all times when the Bhangra beat drops.

Vivek Mahbubani is best known as Hong Kong’s top English and Cantonese stand-up comedian.

Ultimately, if you’re able to be the girl-next-door but also have that wild-side while still making sure family comes first without compromising the idea that you need to take good care of the guy, then you stand a good chance of getting along just fine.

The problem isn’t in your doing all those things, it’s in you being able to send that message to the guy so he realizes you’re someone that fits the bill and asks you out.

This is your golden opportunity to let these guys know that you know how to party the way they do.

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