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17, by rebroadcasting the pilots of signature series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Felicity, Angel and Dawson's Creek, Variety reports. I'm like, "What, are you going through a midlife crisis?! If I can exploit myself in a way that helps others, I'll do that. TVGuide.com: Someone sneaked me the first four episodes of this season's Sopranos. "[Joss and I] had dinner last night," Amy told me, "and he was still talking about doing the Spike movie." When I asked if she'd want to be a part of it, she said, "If it's Joss, of course I'll do whatever. - The January 2nd isse of TV Guide magazine asked David Boreanaz what he's watching: What are you watching? And I'm a big home guy—I like to watch the Food Network and see people cook. Alyson Hannigan Past life: Bookworm-turned-Sapphic witch Willow Rosenberg.

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9.28.06 - TVGuide.com: Per the Hollywood Reporter, James Marsters will play the best friend of Hilary Swank's late husband in the romantic drama P. 9.7.06 - Amy Acker and her husband, James Carpinello, welcomed their second child into the world on Friday, September 1st, in Los Angeles, reports People magazine. "Amy, James and Jackson are enjoying the new addition to their family," says Acker's rep. Charisma Carpenter: I'm on my way to my friend's pool. Why is it that we picture you lounging around your own pool all day long? [I explain further, and tell her about my related interview with Samuel L. Carpenter: It wasn't a deciding factor, but it was a plus, like, "Oh, wow...." It's hard to say because between Alyson [Hannigan, who once shared a scene with Carpenter on Veronica Mars] and Nicky now, I have often been linked [to Buffy], and it's always a "marketing coup" when we get that to happen. I love being on the set, I love the camaraderie, I love meeting new people and going to new locations. 8.30.06 - TVGuide.com: Bones' Booth Gets His Sexy On by Angel Cohn Since the very first episode of Bones, audiences have been enthralled with Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and their will-they-or-won't-they relationship. David Boreanaz: It was kind of short, since we finished later than normal and started back on production in June.

at birth and has an older brother, Jackson, who's 19 months old. TVGuide.com: It doesn't take itself entirely seriously, it's just summer escapist fare. Was reuniting with Nicky a factor in deciding to do Relative Chaos? 8.31.06 - David Boreanaz will be on Live with Regis and Kelly on Friday, September 8th.

Boreanaz: We have a great relationship both on and off screen.

We work really hard on the character stuff with Ivana Chubbuck, who is a fabulous acting coach. She has a great spirit and we work with her on weekends on our character stuff. TVGuide.com: So with Jessica Capshaw coming on, will we get to see more of Booth with his son?

TVGuide.com: Anything else you can tell us for the rest of the season? TVGuide.com: Well, I think that just about covers everything. TVGuide.com: Well, save for a Q&A excerpt I stumbled across during research. —Anna David 12.7.05 - From Michael Ausiello at TV Guide Online: Julie Benz (Darla) will be guest starring in the January 17th episode of Supernatural as Layla, a woman with a brain tumor who seeks out a definitely evil reverend known for curing the incurable. The Angel alum has been replaced on CBS's mid-season series, The Unit, with Audrey Marie Anderson (Once and Again).

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