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He formed Monroe Republic and became the President and afterwards the General for its Militia.

In 2013, David Lyons was a star in the romantic drama film called Safe Haven and he was opposite to Josh Duhamel and to Julianne Hough which is based on the novel of Nicholas Sparks that was given the same name.

He was General Sebastian Monroe in the Revolution which is a post apocalyptic drama of NBC.

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Anyway, she attended Tribeca in April, when David was there for Record.

In September, a fan tweeted about meeting David in Newfoundland where he said his girlfriend was working.

He made the first appearance in the season called Owner of a Broken heart and it aired in 2008.

He was credited to be a special guest star in the series. In 2009, he was in a TV movie called a Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne.

True, they’ve never come out and said it but it’s easy to pick up from her Twitter feed if you do some digging.

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