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Hoping to rebuild Al's confidence in dating and to keep the Polly Holliday [ Lillian ], George Coe [ Parker ] Jill is upset when she learns that her mother is dating so soon after her father's death.Tim sets out to make his Christmas lighting display bigger and brighter than ever after the rules for the contest he annually enters change to reflect a "Tim Taylor clause." Harry, Benny Tim gets a youthful energy from his new job teaching auto shop at the local college and starts to think that his regular friends are too tiresome for him, so he starts hanging out with students half his age.

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Bud Tim is horrified when budding journalist Randy writes an article for his school newspaper exposing Binford Tools' poor environmental record.

Meanwhile, Jill uses just a little too much psychobabble at her new job counseling families.

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Pete, Dwayne, Rock Willow stays with the Taylors while Wilson is away for St. When she doesn't come home one night, it sends Jill into a frenzy while Tim and the boys search for her. But when it turns out to be more popular than Randy's expose about pollution, Randy becomes jealous. and Al plays "virtual reality" basketball with Grant Hill.

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