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Thats especially the config data in the /etc directory and the user data in /home.

When you run a server then you should include the databases (My SQL, Postgresql, etc), web and email data in the backup as well.

apt-get update Ready for first upgrade: apt-get upgrade Follow this with: apt-get dist-upgrade This test is important, we will check the package state to ensure that no packages are on hold or in half installed state.

The following commands will install all pending Wheezy updates.

This ensures that your system is in a good shape for the update to Jessie.

The backup should be stored on a external harddisk, on an external server e.g. Here are a few examples on how to create backups with tar.

Backup My SQL databases mysqldump --defaults-file=/etc/mysql/-c Ce Q --hex-blob --quote-names --routines --events --triggers --all-databases -r all_Then move the and files for safe storage on a backup drive.

This backup may help to restore or recreate the old settings. Any package installation operation must be run with superuser privileges, so either log in as root or use su or sudo to gain the necessary access rights.

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