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3rd ending: Get the ring from Rage & don`t take advantage of her ( avoid sex with her ) Talk to Melinda and she will notice the ring, she will then take you into the club.A VERY good game, it has an atmosphere, an interesting story and nice graphics.

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But the graphics were a little too dark for me, hard to see what`s on the screen, and hard to read the text. The transitions between screens should move faster.

Love these non-linear games with multiple possible endings!

There is a continue button that lights up when I mouseover, but no matter how many times I click it nothing happens. it seems that the girl rhea is somehow his daughter resurected in the game making one wonder if the second game is going to involve recusing her I should say, though, that this is a great game! It is so atmospheric, and unlike some of the other games where the story is a little thin, the story here is so deep and intriguing. If you don`t hit the continue button exactly on the button part, but click somewhere else on the screen, it still continues, but then you get stuck.

Also, the design of all the characters and their costumes in this game is fantastic. There is another bug in the first scene that I got quite a few times, where you are about to meet Jasmine but then it jumps you back to the intro, and then when you start over Cy is there but the items are gone, and you have to restart. I can`t finish the game because I keep running into a bug.

2 bugs - the objective is the speed of changing the dialogs.

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