Downdating psp

downdating psp-80

The PSP may show a warning that the settings are corrupt, press X and go to GAME on the PSP. Once the files have been copied to the PSP, exit USB mode and restart your PSP. Make sure you have your PSP charger in and have at least 75% battery! Now head over to the game section on your PSP, under memory stick. Get the official Sony 1.50 eboot and put it in the /PSP/GAME/UPDATE folder with the name of UPDATE. Download the downgrader program that you run on your computer (Save it to your desktop) here: 2. Now, before you download any homebrew, reset your default settings.

•2.80 Easy Downgrader: PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PSP CHARGER IN AT ALL TIMES 1. Now click the install button, this is what the installer should now do: 6. Before you start, reformat your memory stick and reset your default settings. Create a USB connection between your PSP and computer. Copy the UPDATE and idstoragechange folders into /PSP/GAME/ 4. PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PSP CHARGER IN AT ALL TIMES 1.

Yes you do want to install so click “Install.” 12.

We did this earlier so you can just click “Continue”. An agreement is then shown on, click “Agree” to continue with the downgrading. The downgrader will now ask you what firmware you have, either 2.5 or 2.6. To do this, click browse Removable disk (Your PSP) Now click next. Now on the computer it should say if you want to install. Navigate over to the “GAME” part of your PSP's menu and wait for GTA to show.

Go to the memory stick under "GAME" on your PSP and you should see the PSP 2.60 update.

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