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[FN1] “Clearly our field would like to ignore social realities,” Dr.

van der Kolk said recently, “and study genes…” He’s also shown it’s at the root of .

See his terrific May 10, 2013 speech at Yale:

v=N2NTADx Duh A I dubbed it “trauma since the sperm hit the egg” when I realized I had it. Allan Schore calls it “trauma in the first 1000 days, conception to age two.” It used to be called “complex PTSD” (C-PTSD) or “Early Trauma” (ET).

“No one can see it” means “it never happened.” As I’ve said, “No one beat me or raped me. Yet all the American Psychiatric Association (APA) can fathom is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) — since it’s caused by a visible incident such as war injury or rape. It’s ingrained in brain and visceral tissue, with no obvious “big bang,” so some call it “little ‘t’ trauma,” as opposed to visible PTSD “Big ‘T’ Trauma.” Insecure attachment and attachment disorder generally are the cause of developmental trauma, not vice versa, Dr.

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