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As previously mentioned, Reggie Wayne is also staying away. Coach Jim Caldwell doesn't sound overly concerned yet.

Bethea played the most snaps (1,125) of any safety in the league last season. Bethea is fully healthy after missing the final eight games of 2015.

He was having a down year before his injury, but will return as the starter opposite Eric Reid.

Having spent his entire career with Indianapolis, Wells considers Bethea the "backbone of the secondary." Bethea turns 30 before next season, but is still playing at a reasonably high level and the Colts lack a viable in-house replacement. Bethea will get $18 million over the first two years of the deal.

Pro Football Focus gave Bethea a positive 2013 run defense grade, but considered him slightly sub-par in coverage. He becomes one of the disgruntled restricted free agents that actually gets the long-term deal he wanted.

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