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Yet one coffee maker clearly produces coffee inferior to coffee brewed in other coffee makers.

Have you had similar experiences and what theories might you have to explain it. Ultimately, the taste of your coffee is determined by how much coffee bean oils end up in your coffee…There are two major possible differences which I can think of: Water temperature!! Tiny differences in water temperature can make a big difference, and I think 92 degrees is meant to be ideal for maximum “oil extraction” with minimum “coffee bean burning” (according to someone I talked to, who may or may not be right).

With coffee, if the water sits to long in the filter, or is hotter it will start to pull the chemicals and more caffeine from the coffee. If you want the best coffee, do what Italians traditionally do (there are a few places on Commercial Drive that use this method).

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I replaced my 20 -year old Melitta 10-cup glass carafe model that was still working well and was happy with, with a 10-cup Braun coffee maker in order to get one with a stainless-steel insulated carafe which was better suited when entertaining guests. Coffee model that she had for many years, When it died I gave her my Melitta.

All filter-drip coffee makers should brew similar coffee, but don't. My friend was surprised to learn the Melitta made far better coffee than her old Mr.

I brew a cup with the included permanent nylon filter. Thinking the difference might be the filter so brew another using a #2 paper filter. This one is virtually identical to the my old one, is a bit bigger, costs more money and includes a stainless-steel travel cup, which I really don't need.

I brew a cup with my new purchase, using a paper filter instead of the included permanent nylon filter.

Obviously, it would pick up a different amount of the coffee bean oils on the way.

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