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Between touring and appearances, how do you slip in exercise with your busy schedule? It's important to get my body, and my mind, in a good, relaxed state before I head into more of the pulse-raising parts of my workout.

I meet with my trainer as much as possible, but honestly, my schedule doesn't leave as much time as I would like. After that, I like to run with wrist and ankle weights.

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For CF10 , the simplest option is to download a newer version of POI and load it dynamically in your via the new setting Settings. Just specify the paths of the individual jars you wish to load, or whole directories to check for jars, ie work Book = Create Object( "java", "org.xssf.usermodel. Byte Array Output Stream").init(); work Book.write( baos ); baos.close(); I know how that goes.

Unfortunately if you want to use that function, dynamically loading a newer version is probably the best option.

Within the last year, she released her seventh album, had her autobiography published and is currently on a worldwide tour promoting both projects, all while prepping for what's next on her career plate. Taking a break from her tour, the California native told us that having a regular health and fitness routine plays a part.

Born Sheila Escovedo, daughter of legendary Latin jazz percussionist Peter Escovedo, she was groomed for a life in music starting at age 5.

The subscription price, though, may be too high for what it does.

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