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With a budget of .0 million, the movie’s return was an impressive .0 million at the box office.

This modern-day Cinderella story hit theaters in 2003 and gave the actress a starring role alongside Academy Award-winner Colin Firth.

All goes well enough until things get complicated when Sebastian’s roommate Duke (Channing Tatum), gets involved and hilarity ensues, The film made $57.0 million at the box office and still shares a cult following.

In this 2007 remake of the Broadway musical of the same name (which itself was a remake of the John Waters cult classic), Bynes plays Penny Lou Pingleton, a sheltered ‘60s teen who embarks in an interracial relationship with Seaweed (Elijah Kelley) despite her devout religious mother’s disapproval.

Bynes co-stars as Muniz’s girlfriend, Kaylee, who helps her pathological liar boyfriend, Jason (Muniz), get back an English assignment that was stolen and adapted into a movie by a movie producer (Giamatti).

Bynes’ character was sweet, smart, funny, and loyal, making audiences fall for her charms instantly.

Bynes portrayed the naïve teen so well and made us all wish she was our best friend after seeing this movie..

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