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Its slick, glossy, 160-pages are heavily illustrated, with many photos in color.With a legacy dating back to the 1870s and Greek luthier Anastasios Stathopoulos, the Epiphone brand name takes its name...We've put together this guide to highlight some of our favorite Epiphones and the genres they represent.

The trick is to find a bass guitar that is both easy to learn on, yet also easy on the pocketbook.

The following basses, all of which hover in the several hundred dollar range, are some of the best valued bass guitars on the market.

Sir Bradley Wiggins is selling four rare vintage guitars from his extensive collection, all Epiphone models from the 1960s.

Wiggins is pictured with each of the guitars on the Facebook page of the New Kings Road Vintage Guitar Emporium, which is ...

For the band's midday set, Manson went the distance with this Epiphone Firebird that he bought online because of how beautiful it looked with its gold hardware.

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