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NET by Outercurve Foundation version 7.0.6, which I installed via Nuget.

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Errors()Object("customer").size(); // Number of errors only on customer Errors()Object("customer")Object("credit Card").size(); // Number of errors only on credit card Errors()Object("customer")Object("credit Card")Object("billing Address").size(); // Number of errors only on billing Errors()Object("customer")Field("email"); Errors()Object("customer")Object("credit Card")Field("number"); Errors()Object("customer")Object("credit Card")Object("billing Address")Field("country Name"); Sometimes validation errors aren't caused by a specific input parameter.

For example, canceled subscriptions can't be updated.

With the exception of strings, if a user inputs the wrong type, the code will produce an exception and (if not handled correctly) will stop.

The purpose of this code is to produce a consistent method to validate user input, and not let the program proceed until the user has inputted a correct type.

Then I failed when I try to generate an access token. The thing that made it work was to change the redirect uri (in both requests for the flow) from: I.e., add the trailing slash. They helped, but in my case the problem was that my redir URL had a query parameter and Facebook wasn't cool with that.

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