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Likewise, there is a tradition of remaining matrilineal traditions among the Picts. Anthony notes that domesticated cattle and sheep probably didn't enter the steppes from the Transcaucasia, since the early farming communities there were not widespread, and separated from the steppes by the glaciated Caucasus.

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Gramkelidze and Ivanov, using the now largely unsupported glottalic theory of Indo-European phonology, also proposed Semitic borrowings into Proto-Indo-European, suggesting a more southern homeland to explain these borrowings.

According to Mallory and Adams, some of these borrowing may be too speculative or from a later date, but they consider the proposed semitic loans "bull" (taurus) and "wine" to be more likely.

Such a context can then be compared with archeological evidence.

This vocabulary includes, in the case of PIE: Proto-Uralic and PIE share a core vocabulary, such as words for "name" and "water", and similar-looking pronouns.

On June 7, 2000, The Financial Times announced: “Central Nic has launched a global single market in 'com'.” For a decade now, companies from all over the world have used com domains to tell the world that they are open for business in Europe.

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