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All of the rest of the Kairos products can work with live video, detecting faces and providing other useful data, but they make no attempt to recognise the faces presented to them.

Before the Kairos Face Recognition API can recognize particular faces, those faces need to be enrolled in the system.

As with the Face Recognition API, these products determine gender by looking for particular characteristics, based on faces that have been scanned in the past.

As its name suggests, the Crowd Analytics SDK provides developers with much analytical information about the people in the image or video.

It will provide a percentage level giving its confidence.

Of course, if the API is required to make its decision based on a single poor-quality photograph, its percentage confidence that the subject is of a particular gender, may be small.

Some of the key features of the male variant are: The emotions that an individual is displaying are likely to impact on the favorable detection of that person's gender.

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