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This is a clear financial incentive for cops to arrest as many people as possible, and might explain why in 2016 one in four pedestrian stops made by Philadelphia police was deemed unconstitutional.Krasner’s campaign platform pledges that he will “end this practice [stop-and-frisk] by refusing to bring to trial cases stemming from illegal frisks and searches.” Mc Nesby’s main concern as a union representative is the compensation of FOP members.

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Your correspondent had not heretofore made the connection between local DA policies and the ability of police officers to max out overtime.

Not only do cities incentivize court time through contracts, but DAs through scheduling conceivably could have an enormous impact on how much overtime a given officer makes. Regardless, this is evidence that officers gaming the system to maximize overtime pay for court appearances isn't just a Houston, or an Austin, or just a Texas problem, but instead is something with which many cities are struggling.

If the DA’s office brings charges after an arrest, the cop will most likely be called to testify.

In Philadelphia, every time officers appear in court off-shift, they receive a minimum of two hours of overtime pay.

Unfortunately, those members work in a system that rewards civil rights violations.

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