Free aunties for sex

I am about to rock your world by revealing the #1 myth about women and sex. Women want sex just as much as men do, if not more than men. The more you help make a women feel accepted, attractive and safe during any sexual act, the more free she will be. When I was 18, I went backpacking in Australia and safely kissed my way up the east coast.

Women are sexual, sensual beasts waiting to be released by the RIGHT man in just the RIGHT way. The #1 thing that blocks or stops women from enjoying a sexual/sensual experience is that thing on top of her shoulders. When you provide a safe space it allows a woman’s mind to free itself of insecurities and actually enjoy being in the moment. That is, until I met a guy who broke me out of my shell. He noticed my quick change in behavior and said to me “I want you to be comfortable.

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The more a compliment is tailored to that specific woman, the more intimate and effective it is says Tammy Nelson Ph. The ones that just seem to know about stuff and talk about it with confidence and authority. I’m not talking about pulling her hair and telling her she smells.

I’m talking about being covertly inappropriate while out in public.

Do a couple of these in a night and she’ll attack you as soon as you walk in the door. Nothing puts me in the mood faster than when I can feel my man craving me.

“Women love to feel the desire of a man they’re into. Grab her hair – gently – and run your hands through it as your lips lock.

I am pretty sure I told you this already, but I write a column for Canada’s top male publication, UMM.

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