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It’s a myth that all bisexual people are promiscuous.The reality is that bisexual people could fall anywhere on the sexuality spectrum, from asexual or biromantic (have little to no sexual attraction to others, at all) to very sexual and physical.Remember, no one can decide how you identify except for you, because you know yourself best!

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Ultimately, the word queer is whatever you want it to be – an expression of your gender, who you’re attracted to, or how you see yourself.

Find the word that feels right to you, explore a new term, or decide not to label yourself at all – the choice is yours!

Bisexuality refers to one’s capacity to form physical, romantic, and/or emotional attractions to the same, other, or more than one gender, not presuming non monogamy.

These attractions can be experienced in differing ways and degrees over one’s lifetime, and sexual experiences need not determine if one is bisexual or not.

People figure out their sexuality and gender identity at different points in their lives, and there’s no wrong way to identify. ” – a guide that can help you brainstorm how you feel about your gender identity and sexual orientation: Common Myths People who are bisexual often hear that their sexual orientation is a phase, or that they should choose to be attracted to one group over another. The reality is that bisexuality is a real identity, and so is being pan, queer, or any other non-binary sexual orientation.

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