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“I’m trying to get past fear.” Around 11 a.m., protesters began the march away from St. Among the demonstrators, women vastly outnumbered men, but several male protesters said they saw the issues at hand as ones that transcend gender.

Paul College and the mood seemed to grow more upbeat, with drummers, dancers and a larger-than-life puppet lending an almost parade-like feeling to the head of the march. “Women are leading it, but these things ought to bother everybody,” said Joe Nauerberg of St. March organizers and police had been planning for a crowd of 20,000, but a police spokesman reported no major problems from the larger than expected turnout.

MSM/IDU represent a smaller number of cases, accounting for 5% of people living with HIV/AIDS in Minnesota and 4% of newly reported HIV infections in 2014.

As of December 31st, 2014, MSM and those with the joint risk of MSM and IDU accounted for over half (56%) of the 7, 988 people living with HIV/AIDS in Minnesota.

Men who have sex with men have the highest rate of persons living with and new diagnoses of HIV/AIDS than any other population.

“I am marching because ever since the election, I’ve just been fearful,” said Andrea Ellingboe, a special education teacher from St. “My primary concern is the future of our country — healthcare, education, the environment.

It’s just scary.” Jill Wagner of Minneapolis held a sign that read “I can’t believe we’re protesting this again.” “We marched for women’s rights and civil rights in the 1960s and 1970s and we still don’t have them,” she said. At the intersection of Kellogg Boulevard and John Ireland Boulevard, demonstrators met with other participants who hadn’t been able to fit in the parking lot and formed a slow-churning throng that stretched almost all the way to the Capitol.

For context, a sellout crowd at a Wild game at the Xcel Energy Center is a bit under 20,000, while the largest arena in Minnesota, U. Bank Stadium, reaches capacity at a little higher than 65,000.

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