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There is a pattern in this charges that's been happening every fortnight. com and have already make a payment as below Order NO. A similar scam happened to me last year and they took small amounts every month totaling over 0! NET/ I made an internet purchase on the site and from this time on my credit card is continuously being charged. My widows pension is very meagre and this behaviour of scamming is a commonplace occurrence it would seem.BEWARE YOU ALL OUT THERE, THIS COULD BE HAPPENING TO YOU SO CHECK YOUR TRANSACTIONS/STATEMENTS. : 419Order Status: Payment Success Creation Date : 2017-10-10 Total Price : MYR410.06Please allow 1-5 days processing time,will be updated online as soon as ship out. Item(s) Unit price Qty Sub price The Medium Banner in Two Tone Leather BLACK/TAN The Medium Banner in Two Tone Leather BLACK/TANMYR344.62 Until now I didnt receive any information upon my order. Close the card immediately and work with your bank to get a refund. I tried to be in touch with this team, but I could not reach them. These are scams The internet is full of websites that are either fake, fraudulent or a scam. You see, the evolution of the internet has brought with it a number of extremely convenient advances in the way we shop, bank, and interact with the world around us. Very dishonest and the worst result is that the deceitful overcharge has thrown my pension into a deficit. Please detail immediately and remove forthwithmy credit card number from your records.

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A friend of mine was just burn up with 50 EUR from FTP*Paramount Wireless *somedigits* CN. How do you go stopping payment and for those who have had more than one transaction made how frequent has it occured.

His card is now blocked to avoid any further not authorized transactions. Thanks I received my order but the package was very strangely wrapped so I refused it at the Post Office .company GPAY*ETOP SHENZEN 659.36 CNY @ .. I need to make sure I will get a full refund because I refused the parcel at my Post Office .. The return address on the website is orally Chinese so I can't see where to send an email to infirm them that I refused the parcel On 2 November 2017, GLOWRIGHTINFO.

Is a scam had to change my credit card number to stop further debits as well as hope my bank can overturn and reverse the payment. Hi have been charged by these 2 names SVITAGSUPPORT. COM ONLINE for Garcinia Plus and Healthy Cleanse Cleaner, the first 2 charges $5.38 and $539 I did know about, and did receive the goods but then 2 more charges appeared on my statement for $143.38 and $144.14, (plus of course the off shore charges) but nothing else has arrived and I didn't agree to these 2 payments how do I get my money, can any one help me. Filed formal fraud complaint with bank’s security division. So i'll be trying to get my money back and complaining. full charge description is "Vint Associates SIGNA 18005180931 CAUS" the phone number 18005180931, per internet reverse search, identifies as from China Probably result from an alert box on an internet web page that directed user to call a 1800 number for assistance from Microsoft to solve computer issue.

$130.48 is alot and there is no email or receipt of that payment or invoice. Did cancel my credit card so they wont be able to get any more money from me but this has totally pissed me off Ordered Samples only. Just purchased a sport shoes on costing $85, but $96 was deducted from my account under the name of Keansmall clothing. Bought a Playmobile set advertised at £29.99, seemed a good deal (maybe to good to be true in hindsight). I have looked at the confirmation email I recieved and in the small print it states that the priced advertised may be different from the price charged, due to the current exchange rate. Live person on call said Microsoft requires a fee to remotely resolve the did NOT give card info while on phone. Charge was 89.96 This organization promised a women's watch for a shipping charge of 6.99 if i filled out an opinion survey for a charter company. I have been receiving a a monthly charge from this Elec Sav referred to as Foreign Exchange Fee, but it has nothing to do with my Bank.

On your website thank you 562 o9727193 Anna parede I've bought a pair of sneakers in a supposed german () and today () received a pair of forged sunglasses (Ray-Ban). In my credit card statement was charged in China by "FHT*JLIBGNA LTD NGXIANQUXIN20" Same thing has happened to me! I have had this charge on my bank statement and couldn't find anywhere that it had come from.

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