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Actually, watching each other tease the nudists fed their mutual voyeuristic tendencies and was a huge turn on for both of them. “It’s common for men to get hard when facing a beautiful woman,” he said as he winked at her and looked down at his growing cock. We’ve got some thick New York strip steaks to put on the grill. The steaks were done to perfection and the lobster tails shells were as pink as the naked pussies sitting down at the table. She filled the glasses as Jim turned on the bubbles and the low lights that gave the water a soft blue glow. You can support yourself on my body anytime.”Jenna did not miss a beat.

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“I see where Sarah gets her stunning beauty,” Will said.“Oh my,” Sue said. “Hi, I’m Jim, the twins’ dad.” Jim was older than Sue by about ten years. Wilson said, scratching Will’s ass with her well manicured fingernails. Sue Wilson appeared carrying two glasses of white wine for Will and Jenna. Jim brought out filet mignons and lobster tails and grilled them to perfection as Sue kept the wine glasses filled. “After all,” she reasoned, “they are going to college next year.”Will and Jenna became more relaxed.

Sue was still holding Will’s hand firmly and was pulling him in to her body. “We all have to have a sense of humor to run around naked with strangers every weekend.”“Well we aren’t strangers anymore, Will,” Mrs. She did not disappoint Brian, and he complimented her with a rock hard erection—the first time he openly shared his delight.

Jenna pulled back and reached out for Sue’s breasts.

She leaned over and licked and kissed Sue’s nipples as best she could as she was bouncing on Jim’s lap.

Once he thought that she was going to fall forward when Sarah reached down to touch her toes doing warm-ups. She pushed her pussy on top of his hard cock and kissed him.

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