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Some inside the departments have, although reluctantly, in some cases went along with the Federal Government’s master plan to re-introduce super predators back into the ecosystem to eventually control big game herds without the use of hunters.It’s almost as if the state neglected to realize that this would, in fact, slit their own throats by gutting their departments of the necessary funding to run.

The government has devised a plan to expand the Mexican wolf North from Arizona and New Mexico into Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, North and South Dakota and Nebraska to connect with the upper midwest wolf populations in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

This would give super predators a way to control whitetail deer populations minus the use of hunting as a management tool.

After a few years of turning a blind eye to the situation a bad winter like the winter we had in 20 hit and further accelerated the problem.

But, the bad winter was even worse than imagined from a wildlife management perspective.

A second harsh winter strikes and wipes out the antelope and deer herd excesses.

Last modified 15-Jun-2016 17:03