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The deportation of Jews to the ghettos culminated in the policy of extermination the Nazis called the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question".

In 1941, as German forces captured territories in the East, all anti-Jewish measures were radicalized.

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The Germans set up six extermination camps in occupied Poland: Auschwitz-Birkenau (established October 1941); Majdanek (October 1941); Chełmno (December 1941); and in 1942 the three Operation Reinhard camps at Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka.

Saul Friedländer writes: "Not one social group, not one religious community, not one scholarly institution or professional association in Germany and throughout Europe declared its solidarity with the Jews." Some Christian churches "declared that converted Jews should be regarded as part of the flock, but even then only up to a point".

The killing continued until the end of World War II in Europe in April–May 1945.

In Teaching the Holocaust (2015), Michael Gray offers three definitions of the Holocaust.

The first refers to the persecution and murder of Jews by the Nazis and their collaborators between 19; this definition views, for example, the events of Kristallnacht in Germany in 1938 as an early phase of the Holocaust.

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