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As from May 2009, this conflict ended and Sri Lanka is now at peace. Please consult your doctor for up to date information before you travel. As with all tropical countries, you need to apply mosquito repellent regularly.

Those containing DEET can often be very effective Can I use my mobile phone in Sri Lanka?

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If you are staying in Sri Lanka for longer periods, it would be better to consider purchasing a Sri Lankan SIM card.

Top-up cards are readily available from Telecom shops.

A typical dinner will cost you about 1300 rupees, depending on the hotel (about £7.00) A cocktail will cost about 500 rupees (about £2.75) (exchange rates of approx 185 rupees= £1). Shoulders and knees must be covered to enter temples. English is used as a second language but you will find that the locals are keen to try out their English on you. A European 2 pin Adaptor can be used in the bottom 2 holes of the socket.

Socks may also be a good idea for walking round places such as Polonnaruwa – the ground can be extremely hot for bare feet. Adaptors are available at Hotel Reception or in local shops such as Arpico. An international driving licence is required - obtainable from some main Post Offices in the UK.

Yes, the International Dialling Code for the UK from Sri Lanka is 0094.

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