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Made with our signature infused fire water vodka, this Mary is sure to have your taste buds doing a touchdown dance after just one sip SCOTTY’S SLAM DUNK SHERMOSA – $5.00 A classy twist on a classic drink, made with sparkling champagne and orange sherbet, this mimosa definitely plays above the rim. ANGRY ORCHARD – $4.00 Crisp and refershing, this is hard cider with attitude.

MVP MARGARITA – $5.00– 5 star $8.00 – Bowl Me $15.00 Only the best for our most valuable customer! TOUCHDOWN TEA – $7.00– 5 star $10.00 Long island ice tea with a fancy name; but instead of the second string we are using our starting lineup Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin and Triplesec with sour mix and a splash of coke this drink is a celebration in a glass. Try it by itself or get your head in the game with one of our cocktails for just a dollar more.

The glue forms long strings, but the strings are not breaking and act as an elastic of sorts as she continues to get pulled back down on the ground.

It is almost like the more she struggles, the more stuck she gets in the glue.

Fresh fried tortilla chips with a bed of fresh greens, ground beef, Queso and Salsa. Make it a 5 star with Absolut vodka STAG SQUAD BARBIE – $5.00 – Bowl Me $15.00 Whipped vodka, Malibu and banana liqueur, and topped with pineapple and cranberry juice.

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