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Celebrity Tube Videos Titties so big that they could knock you out when you get tit-slapped.

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I don't know, I like woman so I would be a lesbian or date other transwoman. Hormones yes to to soften my appearance, and grow some hips and maybe breasts though my voice will not change.

The only surgery I will invest in will be facial feminization I want to look femme without makeup .

The transformation pic's show how a plain guy becomes a beautiful woman.

This would come with more work than staying a man such as more maintenance (long hair, nails, more clothes, safety) and finding a mate since you still have a package, working in a woman's job, etc.

These all create a confident, calming, whole feeling that prepares me to feel as feminine as I possably can. Half the time I would be all about it, because it is nice sometimes to just wake up throw a tshirt and pants on and be ready enough as a guy.

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